5 Interesting Carpet Styling Ideas to Decor Your Home Space

5 Interesting Carpet Styling Ideas to Decor Your Home Space

Luxury carpets are a great addition to your interior decor because it gives warm and welcoming vibes to your living space. Furthermore, carpets can complement your interior decoration beautifully and add a lot of balance to your space. In addition to that, carpets are super comforting to walk on and they add a lot to the look, feel and functionality of that room. While wall-to-wall carpeting finds its genesis in Victorian England, the true birth of carpeting can be traced back to 2000 or 3000 BC when carpets were made out of goat hair or sheep wool. Rugs have been made popular by the Middle East and Asian regions and over the years, the advent of customised carpets has engulfed the whole world and people have started using this outstanding accessory to adorn their living spaces. 

Carpet Decor Ideas For A Picture Perfect Space:

Customised carpets can afford you the luxury to experiment with the texture, color scheme and the overall look of your space. 

We want to debunk a popular misconception that carpets are quick germ absorbers and they require unreasonable levels of maintenance.  That is far from true because the luxury carpets available at Carpet Couture can be customised in a number of stain-resistant or water-absorbing fabrics, so you will be spoilt for choice. 

We have put together a few carpet decor ideas for your reference :

  • Create A Neutral Look 

This style right here can never go out of vogue. If you wish to deviate your room in a charming yet subtle manner, you can opt for a beige or any other monotone carpet or rug. You can use cream color to paint the walls and use a lot of beiges and browns for putting together your room decor. This is a perfect decoration style for all those who love minimalist appeal in the layout and decor of their homes. 

  • Choose Statement Carpets

You can opt for a stamens piece in terms of rugs or carpets and turn it into the anchor of your room. In order to balance out the aesthetics of that space, you can choose upholstery that is simpler yet complements the tone of your carpet. Statement carpets work wonders for those, who like to blend the cosiness of a carpet with the style and sound of modern decor. 

  • Stripe It Up

A striped carpet can give the illusion of elongation to your room. Moreover, stripes make a bold style statement and it is difficult to go wrong with something so unique. A striped carpet will look very good in a lounge or a study and you can complete the look of your room by choosing furniture and decor that match the color scheme of the stripes in your carpet. 

  • A Light Colored Carpet For A Calming Space 

When it comes to choosing a carpet or rug for your room, make sure you opt for something that is neutral and fuzzy but also reflects light. A neutral-colored carpet can work well with any kind of decor and you can add colorful cushions and fillers to your bed if you wish to add a dash of color to your room. 

  • Nothing Beats The Style And Suave Of A Wool Carpet

Wool is a natural fibre and has a natural springiness attributed to it. It will make for a commanding presence in your living room and the best thing is that it won’t be pressed down by the furniture or even footsteps. Wool carpets have an unparalleled warmth that oozes from them and they can be an eminent addition to the decor of your living room. 


If you are looking for carpets for living room or any other space in your home, you can check out the following range of lovely handmade carpets available at Carpet Couture:

Prive Vanish

This is one of the treasured collectibles that can be passed down from generation to generation. The impeccable carpet has been hand-knotted and it is made from wool and bamboo silk. Proper maintenance and care will ensure that this piece stands the test of time. 

Classic Tropical Blush

The gorgeous hand-tufted carpet will stand out and make your room look super vibrant and comfy. It is made from New Zealand wool and Tencel to ensure that this carpet is durable and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. 

Classic Tiny Miny Safari Giffy

This wool carrier is hand tufted and coated with a vetro nano-coating, to ensure that the stains and spills on this variety can be easily washed off. This cute carpet is befitting for your kid’s room as there are cute animals made in it using a Tanagram technique. 

Lusso Object Dart Gold

This is a classic example of wall installation that can instantly add a dash of color and royalty to your space. This is one of Carpet Couture’s 3D wall installations that are eye-catching and will add a lot of character to your room’s decor. 

Classic Ameera Candy

This woollen carpet is hand tufted and it will impart vintage vibes to interior decor. The color palette used in this carpet consists of bright yet subtle colors which means that the final look has been done up with an erased pattern. The Persian appeal of this carpet is unparalleled and it will definitely amplify the style quotient of the space this is kept in. 

Your homes are a reflection of the personalities, tastes and preferences of the home dwellers. If you pay intricate attention to the little details while decorating your homes, your entire perspective of seeing your own place will change. You will feel much more relaxed, calm and even productive in this kind of setting. Carpets can help you achieve the desired aesthetic result while leaving scope for ample experimentation with the wall color and upholstery. Carpet Couture is such an online store specialising in custom carpets, designer and luxury carpets giving your space a defined and premium look. 


1. What are the trends in carpeting?

The current trend in carpeting entails the usage of neutral tones so that you can build up the look of your room with an assortment of different accessories. Furthermore, one can choose the carpeting style according to one’s desire to decorate their home in a minimalist or maximalist way. 

2. What should you not put on the carpet?

Do not put heavy furniture on the carpet as it can cause long-term damage to it. Moreover, you should also discourage your pets from roaming around on the story as their hair can get trapped in the carpet fibre. Also, one can opt for stain resistance coating at Carpet Couture for increasing the life of the carpet.

3. How can I make my living room look better with carpet?

You can put a luxury carpet in your living room to enhance the overall appeal of that space. You can be articulate in terms of choosing the right color of your carpet that resonates with the style of your furniture and the color of your walls to balance out the aesthetics in your room. 

4. Should carpet be lighter or darker than walls?

As a thumb rule, the color of the walls should be a shade or two lighter than your carpet. Having said that, you can experiment with the color of your rugs and carpets and balance it out with your choice of upholstery and showpieces. 

6. Should carpet be lighter or darker than floor?

If you use a light-colored carpet, your room will look more prominent and elongated. A dark carpet usually gives an illusion of a compact space to a room.