7 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Rugs for Your Home

7 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Rugs for Your Home

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Our homes do far more than just housing us; they act as a purview of our personalities. The kind of thought and effort you put into building and decorating your living space speaks oodles about your personal taste and flair for creativity. When we talk about decking up our homes, we cannot discount the importance of premium carpets

Carpets are illustrious parts of your interior decor that hinge the overall look of your room together. Handmade carpets have been used for living space adornments since 500 BC. The oldest known usage of rugs can be recounted to Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilisations. 

If you are in the process of decorating or redecorating your place, you ought to have been accosted by the question ‘how to choose rugs’. If that is something that you've been trying to figure out, we suggest you read along. 


How To Choose The Right Rugs Or Carpets For Your Living Space 

Thoughtfully placed rugs and carpets can instantly add a lot of character to your room and give that space a lot of warmth and color. 

Choosing the right carpet or rug can be a daunting task because if you are not able to pick out the perfect one for your living space, your aesthetics can stick out like a sore thumb. Read along to make well informed choices that transform your house into your home. 

  • Size 

Make sure that the size of your carpet or rug should not be too small for your room. If that is the case, it will simply get lost inside your room and become unnoticeable. On the contrary, a bigger than needed carpet can overwhelm your room and make it look crummy. 

  • Placement 

Always select the space before choosing the carpet. For example, if you are looking for carpets for living room, you can opt for silk rugs or some gorgeous premium carpets to enhance the charm of your living room. Since your living room is the place where you will entertain your guests, a beautiful decor will make your home look more inviting. You can place an exquisite carpet or a silk rug in your living room to boost the charm of that space. On the other hand, your bedroom rugs should be soft and subtle so as to impart calming vibes to your room. 

  • Style 

No matter if you are looking for handmade carpets or abstract carpets, it would be advisable to ensure that the design and color scheme of the carpet resonates with the theme of your interior decor to balance out the whole look. 

  • Shape 

The shape of your rug will depend upon the place where you wish to place the rug. If you are looking for something to embellish a narrow space, a runner would be best, but if you are looking for something for your drawing room, a square or rectangular carpet would be best. You should try to select carpet shapes that complement the look of the place where they are kept. 

  • Yarn

The carpet yarn will also be an important measure for your selection. Semi-synthetic or premium synthetic yarns will work well for areas that are frequently used whereas blended or pure yarn is much more suitable for a living room or any space where you wish to impart a rather polished appeal. Different carpet yarns will require a different degree of maintenance and you should keep this factor in mind before choosing carpets or rugs for your home. You can choose from a wide variety such as wool, nylon, silk, jute etc. 

  • Color 

The color of your handmade carpets or silk rugs will also play a determining role in choosing the right carpet for your space. You can opt for a neutral color if there is already a lot happening in your respective room in terms of color. For example, if a room has brightly colored walls or colorful tapestry, you can go for a beige colored rug or carpet. Similarly, a room that has a neutral toned decor can be decked up with a bright carpet. 

  • Budget 

While choosing premium carpets for your home, you should stimulate the budget that you are comfortable with. This will allow you to make choices that adheres to your spending range and consequently, you will be able to explore options of silk rugs, abstract carpets, modern rugs or other options that work for you. 


We hope that the aforementioned points will help you in choosing the most splendid carpet for your home. In case you feel that you might still require some help, the team at Carpet Couture can help put things in perspective so that the task of picking out the right carpet doesn’t baffle you any more. 

So what are you waiting for? Show some love for your home and adorn it with the perfect symbol of classy yet quirky aesthetics; carpets. 

You can experiment with the facade of your home decor by adding more definition to it with the help of gorgeous rugs and carpets. 


1. How do I choose a good rug?

In order to choose a good rug, you should factor in the shape, size and design of the rug and match it to the layout of your room. Carpet Couture helps you in customising your carpets and rugs so that you can have a bespoke piece to add to the glory of your respective room.

2. Should rugs be darker than walls?

Ideally, your rugs should never be the same color as your walls. They should be darker or lighter than your walls. For example, If you happen to have deep-colored walls, you can always go for a lighter-colored rug. Having said that, you can coordinate the colors of your rugs and your walls as you prefer to create a pleasing combination.

3. Should all the area rugs in your house match?

Not necessarily. Each room in your home has its own purpose in terms of functionality and you can use area rugs to enhance the look of those diverse spaces and give exclusivity to that space.

4. Is there a common guide for shopping rugs?

You can experiment with the facade of your home decor by adding more definition to it with the help of gorgeous rugs and carpets. Your budget and your style are amongst the most important deciding factors while shopping for carpets.