"No one does custom,like we do"


Choose from our wide range of designs from our design bank or share any sketch, image, painting, inspiration or story and we will create it for you.


After selecting the design,the next and the most important step is selecting the size. We have a whole designated size guide which will help you choose the best size as per your space.


Depending on the color scheme of your space,our design experts help you choose the perfect color range for your carpet to match with your interiors from our various color pom boxes with the suitable material.


Once we are done with selecting all the major things such as design,size,color and material,our artwork designers will create the technical drawings according to the exact scaling and colors and room renderings for approval.Then you can choose from the options and finalize the design that you like the most.


After everything is approved , then we start this amazing process of producing the carpet of your design and choice.


After the production is done , our production experts briefly check the size, colors, yarn and all the other things so that you get the exact carpet that you had dreamt for.


Passing all the quality checks,the carpet lands to our showroom where the client approval is taken by sending the videos and photos.Once approved by the client,we ship it to it’s destination.


This layout is the bare minimum that you must put in your living room / formal seating. Please do not opt for a carpet that stops short 1-2 inches from your furniture. That error makes your space look smaller and cluttered.

This layout can be opted for by people who want lesser area of their flooring covered by a carpet and yet want the carpet to reach the edges of their sofa / chairs

This layout is deal for larger set ups. The grand size for the carpet makes your space looks larger and more luxurious


This type of layout is most suitable for rooms that have enough space on either side for the bed. The idea is that when you step off the bed your feet land on the carpet. This is the most aesthetically pleasing layout as well.

This layout is advised for rooms that are smaller.Also here the carpet is more of an accessorie rather than a utility

This option is our favourite as it gives an interesting twist of the layout of the room.


Opt for this layout if you have less space around your dinning table. Make sure your carpet is wide enough so that when you pull out the chairs all 4 legs are still on the carpet.Ideal way to measure would be to add 2feet 6inches on either side of your dinning table width.

This is a good layout when there is ample space in the dinning area. Make sure your carpet is wide enough so that when you pull out the chairs all 4 legs are still on the carpet.Ideal way to measure would be to add 2feet 6inches on either side of your dinning table width.

For customising the carpet of your dreams

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Custom & Bespoke Rugs & Carpets

We have a unique approach to retelling your story with each Custom and Bespoke carpet. These customised rug carpets are made intricately and uniquely by our master craftsmen. Undergoing a seamless process, these handmade and luxury carpets are designed to suit your style.


Our artisans prioritise embedding your essence in these custom-made carpets. Specially made for different spaces like your homes, hotels, etc, these carpets are tailored down to the right material, size, design, and colour. On passing a thorough quality inspection, we oversee the delivery and installation of all our customised carpets.

Add sophistication to different spaces with our custom & bespoke carpets.

Fill Up Your Space With Our Unique Custom & Bespoke Carpets & Rugs

A custom-made luxury carpet can change the entire outlook of a room, especially in luxurious spaces. Whether it’s your personal space like your home or your business like your hotel, adding a personal touch with these customised carpets can make it feel welcoming to guests. Also having something in those spaces that reflects you makes it feel like an extension of yourself. That brings a sense of joy and satisfaction.

Our custom-handmade luxury carpets, like living room carpets, will give you the power and possibility to define your space however you choose. Your imagination is the force that drives our creation. Your impeccable taste will guide us in designing an exceptional carpet that will add a glamorous finish to any space.

At Carpet Couture, we make dreams come true. Your dream to add personal touches that will make your family and guests feel comfortable and cosy is within your reach. Make a salient statement with your dreams woven into the fabric of our customised carpet. Our Indian artisans will bring your dream to fruition.

Points To Consider While Selecting A Custom Carpet

1. Space:

The first thing is knowing the space you require a custom carpet for. Is it for your home or a hospitality centre (like a hotel)? That is the first and more obvious thing to consider. But also figure out what space in those places you have reserved for the carpet. For example, the entire living room area, the area where your coffee table is placed, the entire lobby of a hotel, or just a portion, etc. Knowing this will help in figuring out the next point.

2. Size:

You know the space where you need a carpet. Now you need to know how long, wide, and thick you want the carpet to be. Either have someone take the measurements for you, or you can do it by yourself. Have your measurements ready and tally that with the size guide available at Carpet Couture.

3. Colour:

Whether you’re designing your home by yourself or you have a designer, choosing a colour can be the game changer. It is up to you to figure out if you want to match it with the rest of the decor, or if you want it to stand out and make a statement.

4. Fabric:

This point involves everything about the fabric from the way it feels to the design of the fabric. Carpet Couture makes this easy by being with you every step of the way from selecting material to developing the design you choose. Options are provided and you make your selection.

5. Budget:

While going through all of these points, bear in mind your budget. But also keep in mind all of the choices you’ve made as they affect the bottom line. There are fabrics of different price ranges, so make a point to select things that fall within your budget. Although, having a quality carpet that makes you happy is more important. Even if it means going slightly over budget. But that’s up to you to decide.

Why From Carpet Couture?

At Carpet Couture, we prioritise your ingenious imaginations turning them into dreams come true. Our customizable carpets offer a world of possibilities for you to come up with new ways for us to create something out of nothing. We are inspired by your uniqueness in redefining luxury carpets to suit your requirements. It is for that reason that we strive to bring glamour to your space with our luxury carpets and silk rugs.

Our master craftsmen from Bhadohi in Uttar Pradesh create timeless pieces that would be a breath of fresh air in those spaces. Preserving the Indian heritage, these tailor-made luxury carpets are captivating. Explore our website to view the vast range of custom carpets from different collections like wall rugs, abstract rugs, or flatweave rugs. You can also visit our showrooms in Delhi to discover a world of possibilities.


Q. What are bespoke carpets?
A: Bespoke carpets are carpets made and designed to suit your style. They are custom-made and tailored based on your preferences.

Q. Are custom-made carpets good for your space?
A: Custom-made carpets are always a good idea. Not only would it add a personal and intimate touch to your space, but it would also reflect your personality to guests.

Q. Who are some good customised carpet manufacturers in India?
A: Carpet Couture by Rashi is among the top manufacturers of custom-made carpets in India. We are with you every step of the way, from the moment you choose a design to the moment we install your design into your space.

Q. Do you do custom-made carpets & rugs? What is the process of customising rugs & carpets with you?
A: Yes, in fact, No one does custom as we do! You can get in touch with any of our experts to get a custom carpet made Please provide the link( Attach link Please provide the linkto our sales team here). For the process, you can refer to our custom carpet guide.

Q. How long does it take to custom-make a rug?
A: Once the design, size and colours are frozen it will take 8 weeks to make a hand-tufted rug and 9-10 weeks to make a handknotted one. You can click here for our custom process.

Q. In case of custom rugs, how do you ensure that the colours in the rendering look similar to the actual rug?
A: This is a tricky affair however we always share photos/videos of the poms that are being used in the carpet as colours can appear differently from screen to screen.