Decorating your bedroom with the perfect rug

Decorating your bedroom with the perfect rug

A Room full of hugs and tickles, where everyone kisses and cuddles, when everyone giggles and rolls on the rug, everyone wins. Any home would benefit from area rugs, they work especially well in The Bedroom

Apart from making it a little bit easier to get out of bed and lay your recently awoken feet on to a soft plush carpet, an area rug will help absorb sound, even stabilize temperature. A carpeted room, can still have an area rug layered right on top, it’s a great way to add extra texture, colour or pattern.

However, choosing a new rug can be overwhelming, determining the size of the rug, bed on the rug or off? Keeping in mind these few simple guidelines, one can achieve a cosy and comfortable bedroom décor.

Rug placement

Ask yourself is how you are going to use the rug. Generally, rugs in the bedroom go under the bed, but that isn’t the only option, a rug could be used next to the bed a, at the foot, or in a larger bedroom to highlight a separate sitting area.

Rug placement is important to know before moving on to the right size for your bedroom.

Rug Sizing

Rug sizing is just as important as placement of the rug, a mistake that is often made, is picking a rug that is too small for its space.

  • Area rugs have should not touch the walls, a minimum of five inches between inches between the wall and the edge of the rug, or a minimum of eight inches if the room is large.

  • Pushing up against the edge of a dresser or large furniture is definite no no, the rug should either be large enough to slip under the dresser or small enough to show two to three inches of floor between the edge of rug and edge of furniture.

  • A smaller bedroom, might seem like it needs smaller rug, instead the opposite works well, by keeping the eyes moving, with a rug large enough to fill the entire room with just inches forms the walls.

  • An important point to remember if the bedroom or closet door will swing over the rug, check that the bottom edge of the door is high enough to clear the rug without dragging.

Rugs under the bed

While positioning rugs underneath the bed, two thumb rules to bear in mind: the bed along with two-night stands sit entirely on the rug or the lower two thirds of the bed sit on the rug leaving the top of the bed on the bare floors.

In either case for maximum visual appeal, the rug needs to extend at least twelve inches out from the sides and the bottom of the bed if it’s a twin or full mattress, and at least eighteen inches out from the sides and bottom of a queen or king mattress.

Area Rug rules for a queen or king size bed:

  • 9x12 rug to hold the entire bed, the nightstands, and a bench at the foot of the bed.

  • 8x10 rug to hold the entire bed, the nightstands, but no bench.

  • 8x10 rug to hold the bottom two-thirds of the bed and a bench.

  • 6x9 rug to hold the bottom two-thirds of the bed with no bench.

Area Rug rules for a twin or full-size bed:

  • 6x9 rug to hold the entire bed, the nightstand, and a bench at the foot of the bed.
  • 5x8 rug to hold the bottom two-third of the bed and the nightstands.
  • 9x12 rug to hold two twin beds, nightstands, and benches.

Rugs Next to the Bed or at the Foot of the Bed

The shock of your feet hitting the cold floor, isn’t the ideal morning wake up call for anybody, an area rug running along your bed side will definitely soften the blow. For a symmetrical effect have one on either side to the bed, although it is important to remember to show off at least five inches of floor from the rug to walls or other furniture.

Depending on your room size, a side runner the same length as your bed, a 2X3 rug in a small space or a 3X5 rug if you have the space works best.

Having different rugs at the sides of the bed accompanied with a foot rug, is another way to go about functionally decorating your bedroom. Either way the same rules apply, with the rug large enough to cover most of the space, however leaving inches form the length of the furniture or walls. If you have bench at the end of your bed, the rug should be large enough to extend underneath the bed up to the foot of the mattress.

Separate Sitting Areas

A bedroom large enough to hold a sitting area or reading nook or even a work desk, works well with rugs to help define the spaces. all of the furniture related to your bedroom zones should sit comfortably on the rug, while avoiding it running up against the bedroom furniture or walls.

Keeping the rug in place

While rugs add beauty to your homes, if not properly held down can create a tripping hazard. This is fairly easy to solve placing at least on heavy item on the rug corner or using double sided tape under the corners or even adding a small nonstick rubber mat underneath to anchor the rug down. Some rugs already have a rubber backing to weigh them down and stabilize them.

Once you have chosen the rug that best suits your bedroom requirements, the right vendor is just as important.

Carpet Couture turns the humble rug into art pieces, by offering the clients customized designs, with an exquisite blend of fibers like bamboo, raw silk, viscose, maladroit and New Zealand wool. Their rugs are often embellished with Swarovski crystals, leather and wood, offering unique carpets for contemporary homes.