All You Must Know About Wall-to-Wall Carpets & Installation Tips

All You Must Know About Wall-to-Wall Carpets & Installation Tips

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Wall-to-wall carpeting is covering the entire floor from carpets in one go. Some may know it as fitted carpets or others may know it as broadloom carpets. Wall-to-wall carpeting is recognised for its seamless appearance.

A patterned wall-to-wall carpet unquestionably has a significant effect on the room’s appearance. Not just it enhances the appearance of the space but it also soothes your senses with its colours, designs and textures. Wall-to-wall carpets for home act as natural insulators and acoustically absorb sound while preventing warm (and cool) air egress. It can also prevent slips and cushion falls, which are vital factors to take into account if you live with boisterous children or an elderly parent.

Compared to hard flooring, wall-to-wall rugs give your place a more cosy and comfortable feel. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of installing wall-to-wall patterned carpets at your place.

Benefits of Installing Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Multiple Sizes and Designs 

You can find a customised carpet that expresses your personality or the atmosphere you wish to create, much like wallpaper for walls. They can fit into every mood, choice and preference be it classy, contemporary or modern. Decor and furnishings can be added like coats of paint on a canvas. However, carpets can also be works of art and serve as the room's focal point.

Prevents Floor Slipping 

Although they have sleek aesthetics, hard flooring materials can bring harm to you because of their slippery nature. The chances of getting bruises and wounds are high if you trip and fall on tile, stone, or even wood. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to these slips or falls.

Heat Protection

Carpets seem warm and velvety. It is advantageous to have flooring that can effectively retain heat if you reside in a chilly climate. Over time, it may result in lower energy and heating costs.

Noise Reduction

Modern rugs are frequently used in spaces like homes, hotels and apartments because they can lessen the amount of noise that escapes the space. Electronic devices like TVs and stereos could be present in the rooms. 

Acts As A Sitting And Play Area

Living with young children can be difficult. While keeping them safe from harm, parents encourage their children to play, explore, and learn new skills. Wall-to-wall carpeting offers all of this. Carpet flooring offers a cushioned surface where your kids can play without having to buy rubber mats.

How To Install Wall-to-Wall Rugs

Get The Right Set Of Tools 

Some do-it-yourselfers fall into the trap of believing they can install fitted carpets by simply cutting pieces with a regular utility knife and rolling them out over the floor. But believe us this is the worst-case scenario. For a neat and clean wall-to-wall carpet installation, you’ll need some expert tools along with common household tools such as hammers, tin snips, chalk lines, utility knives, etc.

Pay Attention to Carpet Stretcher Techniques

Although installing a carpet wall-to-wall can be done without the help of a stretcher, but the end results might not turn out to be great. Wrinkles and lumps may appear as a result of not using a stretcher while installing a carpet. To properly lay carpets for the living room, you'll need two different kinds of stretchers: a long power stretcher that you can brace against the walls to pull the carpet taut over the entire room and a knee kicker that you can use to kick the edges under the tack strips and into corners.

Maintain Gap Between Tack Strips Among the Wall

Tack strips are wooden strips with protruding, pointed tacks. To give the edges of the wall-to-wall rugs an anchor point to grab, they are fastened to the flooring around the room's perimeter. The distance between the tack strips needs to be somewhat less than the thickness of the carpet to guarantee that the tucked piece is pressed firmly into place.

Never Attach Padding Over Tack Strips

The tackless strips should not be placed on top of the padding. Establish the padding inside the inner border that strips have drawn. The padding should be as close to the edges of the tackless strips as it can be without extending beyond them. The edge of your carpet will have an ugly fat bulge if the padding overlaps.

Keep A Check On The Direction Of The Carpet Pile

It goes without saying that matching the pattern between adjacent portions when sewing two pieces of patterned wall-to-wall carpet together requires considerable consideration. However, even with plain carpets, you may determine the pile orientation by seeing it from various angles in bright light. Maintain a constant pile height across the carpet.

Tips To Take Care Of Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Vacuum Once A Week

One should vacuum their carpets once a week, however, if you have children or pets, you should use the vacuum cleaner even more frequently. In addition to eliminating dust and debris from your carpet, vacuuming also gets rid of grit and tiny rocks that can eventually damage your carpeting. Vacuuming helps to prevent wear and tear.

Steam Cleaning

Along with vacuuming, it's equally important to go for a steam cleaning atleast once a year to maintain the originality of the carpet. Steam cleaning is far more thorough than vacuuming since it gets deep inside the fibres of your carpet. It can extend the lifespan of your carpet by years.

Keep Separate Footwear

You should forbid members of your household from wearing unclean boots into the house since dirty shoes are the main source of dirt, allergies, and microorganisms that are then transmitted to the surface of the carpets, where they sink in and linger for a very long time.

Spills and Spots

To prevent your carpets from staining, either opt for stain-resistant coating or keep an eye on stains and quickly clean them. The best way to remove those stains manually is by blotting with a clean towel and tap water. If the water turns out to be ineffective, you will need to use a cleaning product designed for the particular kind of stain you are having issues with.

Use Mats at the Entrance

To stop those dusty, abrasive outdoor soils from being tracked onto the entire room's carpet, use entrance mats outside of your doors at all times, and make sure that anyone entering your house does the same to assist remove dirt and debris from their shoes. Also, every mat and rug needs to be periodically swept and cleaned so that dirt is trapped instead of being tracked onto your shoes.


Wall-to-wall carpets are making a great resurgence and are considered a vital aspect of a room, rather than being an afterthought. Having soft and warm textures they make your space look cosy and adding a cherry to the top, customised carpets allow you to show your creativity by adding patterns like stripes and geometric designs. Whether you want the floor to stand out or blend into the background truly depends on your preferences.

If you are looking for some truly phenomenal customised and handmade carpets to spruce up your living space, then Carpet Couture is your must-visit destination. From contemporary variants to classic designs, their collection has everything you are looking for. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you make a wall-to-wall carpet look good?

A home decor accessory that looks amazing is a perfect blend of colour, texture and contrasts with other items in the room. Hence, to make a wall-to-wall rug look good, go for vibrant colours and attractive patterns that enhance the room’s appearance.

Which colour is best for wall-to-wall carpeting?

The colour of the carpet wall to wall should be chosen in contrast to your wall colours. Blue, Red, Orange and Gold are some of the preferred colours to consider while buying wall-to-wall carpeting for your place. 

How does carpeting enhance room decor?

For obvious reasons, handmade carpets have taken a significant place in enhancing any room’s decor. A beautifully coloured, textured and patterned carpet adds up to the glam of the room while clearing the indoor air quality and cancelling noise. Read this detailed blog to know more about the role of carpet flooring in enhancing room decor.