5 Reasons To Choose Silk Rugs Over Normal Ones

5 Reasons To Choose Silk Rugs Over Normal Ones

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The genesis of silk fibre is contradictory. Some people believe that the first silk fibres were created in China from silkworms while others believe they are of Indian descent. The Pazyryk carpet was one of the oldest silk rugs. Silk carpets were set for the Persian King's garden in the spring. 

Nevertheless, what’s their source of origin, silk rugs are lovely, and are renowned worldwide for their elegant look and beauty. These luxury carpets are made utilising a variety of techniques, including teal and taupe. There are professionals who specialise in silk art for designing rugs and carpets. Silk rugs are always a better option to make your place look cosy, and opulent yet inviting. Because of the inherent sheen of silk and the complex patterns created by the neatly knotted knots, people frequently choose to hang a silk rug on their walls rather than walk on it.

Silk has traditionally been a symbol of luxury. They are now incorporated into modern homes as a source of collector pride or as a luxury piece of decor to spruce up the space’s look. Being refractive to light, silk rugs elevate the look and feel of space. 

Being highly durable in nature, these luxury carpets last long and are passed down from generation to generation. Of course, if you still aren't persuaded by their benefits, below is a list of the top 7 reasons why people prefer silk carpets over normal rugs. 

Benefits of Silk Rugs: For The Love of Luxury

For a Distinctive Appearance

Due to the fibres' prism-like structure, silk is naturally shiny. The dyeing processes, however, give the fabric's surface a dazzling gloss that further deepens the colors. Silk is not used as frequently as wool since it is a costly material to weave rugs from, but the weavers who deal with silk go to tremendous labour to ensure that all their creations turn out to be exquisite and exemplary. Hence, you are now making a statement when you decide to get yourself a silk rug!


Natural silk handcrafted carpets are long-lasting investments for your home because they can survive for approximately three decades without being damaged. Real silk is always resilient and strong enough to survive the test of time, unlike synthetic silk rugs which may become worn out with time. Authentic silk rugs, if they're cared for, increase in value with time thanks to their superior tensile strength, which surpasses that of nylon, which is thought of as a strong, durable substance. This is one of the best advantages of having a silk rug at your place.


The most attractive and environmentally friendly fabric is thought to be silk. Being obtained organically from the cocoons of the silkworm, silk fibres are biodegradable in nature and are produced by a labour-intensive and time-consuming procedure without the use of any chemicals. Natural silk rugs are more expensive than their viscose or rayon counterparts as a result of these considerations.

Aids in Noise Absorption

Handmade silk rugs are dense and seamless. They can quickly lower sound frequency by absorbing it. With silk rugs inside, you won't be bothered by the noise outside. This soundproof quality makes them the finest option to place in living rooms and offices.

Strong and Sturdy 

Protein and amino acids make up the fibres in silk(2). When it comes to sturdiness, silk is as sturdy as steel. Rugs come in two varieties: handcrafted and manufactured. The handcrafted fibres last longer than other types. They have an approx 30-year lifespan. Silk rugs in different hues can help elevate the look and feel of a space. The stain-resistant coating can further add to their life and allows for easy transportation from one place to another without having to worry about wear and tear. 

Types of Silk Rugs

Pure Silk 

Natural silk, popularly known as "China's white gold," is widely famous for being delightfully soft and has a distinctive gloss. Moreover, it is resilient and sturdy. Pure silk bears all the excellent characteristics to make high-quality carpets. Handmade silk rugs appeal to both aficionados of pricey home decor and true connoisseurs. Only pure natural silk is utilised to create an authentic silk carpet. The carpet's stable grip is provided by the soft fibre, which is woven into the wool or cotton foundation fabric. 

If you are fond of something authentic then explore the Prive Teal and Prive Fantasy silk rugs of Carpet Couture.

Bamboo Silk

Rugs made of bamboo silk are incredibly beautiful and ornamental and add warmth and beauty to any area. If you desire a large rug, to cover your space beautifully then Carpet Couture’s Prive Cave and Prive Rose are your go-to options. Because bamboo silk is created from bamboo fibre rather than wood or other materials, it is a better sort of viscose. Moreover, it is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. These silk rugs are beneficial for the environment and hold color nicely.

Sari Silk 

Every sari silk rug is a unique work of art. These rugs are extremely unique because of the blend of several saris and the gloss from the silk. The designs are typically influenced by vintage ikat fabrics that emphasise vivid, vibrant colors. If you want to dapper your place with vibrant colors then, explore the Prive Pop collection of Sari Silk Rugs at Carpet Couture. 

Having known the benefits of silk carpets, it’s time you too get one and liven up your space. Carpet Couture brings to you a wide range of opulent silk rugs that you can customise as per your choice and requirements. Customised carpets are a perfect choice if you want to set your space as per your mood and preferences. Shop for the best silk rugs and wall installations from us and let every corner of your house exude luxury. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of silk rugs?

Along with an impressive appeal, silk rugs are well known for their sturdiness, strength, noise absorption and sustainability qualities. They bring a luxurious feel to the space.

Why are silk rugs expensive?

Their incredibly shiny texture and handmade designs, which exude luxury at every point, make them expensive decor. 

What are the pros and cons of silk rugs?

Cons- Due to labour-intensive manufacturing processes, they are expensive in nature. 

Pros- They are sturdy, beautiful, elegant, long-lasting and highly durable.

How can you tell a good silk rug?

A good silk rug will always have higher knot counts, i.e., at least 200 KPSI (Knots Per Square Inch) and a maximum of 500 KPSI. The design and patterns of the authentic silk rug will also be intricate and detailed due to higher knot counts.

What is the difference between wool and silk rugs?

Silk carpets are thinner than wool and have a very high knot density and far more intricate and precise patterns. Conversely, wool is more durable when it comes to being trodden on and discolored.

How will you distinguish between natural silk and artificial silk?

The flame test can be used to distinguish between natural and synthetic silk. When exposed to fire, natural silk burns with a flame and emits an odour resembling burnt hair whereas synthetic silk melts, shrinks, and emits a strong pungent odour.