Why Do Hotels Use Carpet Flooring

Why Do Hotels Use Carpet Flooring

The experience of staying at a hotel personifies luxury and class at its best. Hotels try to exude a vibe of elegance through their decor, hospitality and ambience. 

So many of us have enjoyed the cushy beds, dewy lighting, room service and stellar ambient settings of hotels. One aesthetic that has stayed common in most of the hotels, is their usage of carpet flooring. Before we delve into the reason behind this practice, let us acquaint ourselves with the history behind carpets.

The first known use of carpets dates back thousands of years when nomads used them as a protective shield against the cold. They used goat and sheep skin to protect themselves and carried them everywhere as they logistically moved from one place to another. 

Over the years, the making and use of carpets have significantly evolved. It has become a touchpoint for luxury and aesthetics. That is why hotels opt for elaborate carpets in their decor. 

7 Reasons for Carpet Flooring in Hotels 

We have put together a list of seven points to elucidate the reason behind carpet flooring in hotels:

They add definition to the interior decor of the hotel 

Luxury carpets are available in a number of patterns, textures, types and designs. Hotel owners can opt for a carpet that resonates with their decor theme. Large carpets in alleys and entryways can put forth an amazing impression on guests. Handmade carpets have an unparalleled poise attribute to them and they can become an anchor point for a hotel’s decor that brings about contrivance in the decor. 

It reduces ambient noise 

Many hotels opt for wall-to-wall carpeting because it helps in absorbing ambient noise. As hotels experience a lot of footfall, carpeting helps in imparting a comfortable experience to the guests by absorbing the noise and creating a calm and peaceful environment. 

They act as durable floor coverings 

When you get a good carpet made from durable yarn, it can actually last for a really long time. Since the hotel industry deals with a lot of people, they need something sturdy to cover their floors. Commercial carpets can withstand the incessant footfall and then won't require constant repair work like flooring. Having said that, it is important to note that commercial carpets, handmade carpets or any other luxury carpets will require regular maintenance to uphold their look and hygiene. 

They enhance the comfort quotient for guests 

Some guests are very sensitive to cold and carpet flooring can work wonders for keeping the room temperature in check. This is because the carpet fibres can act as natural thermal insulators and augment the comfort level of hotel guests. One can even choose carpets made from wool for more warmth. 

They are customizable 

Hotels often stick to a theme while putting together their decor. Customised carpets resonate well with the desired appeal of the hotel decor. Since carpets can be bought in different patterns, colours and designs, they allow a person to aesthetically experiment while curating pieces for the hotel's decor. Carpet Couture specialises in offering custom carpets for the hospitality sector or for personal use. You can work in synergy with their team to manifest creative plans about your place. 

They are less slippery 

Carpets provide more traction in comparison to other forms of flooring such as marble. Since carpets allow the guests to walk around more comfortably by mitigating the chances of slipping, carpet flooring is safer for guests and therefore a preferred choice in hotel decor. 

Psychological impact 

Most people often form a connection to the hotel they visit. They might get impacted by the warmth, luxury or any other aspect of the hotel’s setting. Resultantly, their mind will yearn to visit that place again in order to experience that same warmth. A befitting choice of the carpet has a huge impact on the ambient setting of a hotel and the manner in which it is perceived by the guests. 

The hospitality sector is all about offering a remarkable experience to the guests by creating a unique, warm and inviting atmosphere. The best way for hotels to make their guest feel like a star would be to pay intricate attention to the floor that they walk onto. Exquisite carpets can work wonders for paving the way for opulence and finesse in a hotel.


Why do hotel rooms prefer carpets rather than tiled floors?

Carpets for hotels serve a functional purpose in addition to adding aesthetic value to the hotel’s decor. Luxury carpets help in creating a differential factor for the guests as many people usually have tiled or wooden floors in their homes as well. Carpet floors give out an elegant vibe and a sophisticated charm that entices the guest to relive the experience of staying in a hotel again and again. 

What is the best carpet for a hotel lobby?

A hotel lobby is the most used place in a hotel. It is also the place that marks the first impression on visitors. One should always opt for handmade carpets in the finest yarn to decorate the hotel lobby. That carpet should also fit in beautifully in the greater scheme of interior decor that has been envisioned for the hotel. 

Are wall-to-wall carpets suitable for hotels?

Yes. Wall-to-wall carpets are perfectly suitable for hotels. They work very well in hotel alleys and even rooms. In addition to creating a warm atmosphere, carpets also absorb noise.