Bespoke Carpets: A Complete Guide on Custom Size Rugs

Bespoke Carpets: A Complete Guide on Custom Size Rugs

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What is a better way to cosy up your space than to roll out custom-size area rugs? Bright hues, handcrafted textures and contrast of weaves can pull together a space effortlessly. Add style and glamour to your rooms with luxury carpets and custom-size rugs which are tailor-made to suit your style and space.  Everyone wants to enjoy a relaxing time at home that is why you add a touch of comfort and luxury in every corner from the living room to the bedroom. From luxury interiors to fancy chandeliers, we add subtle touches to make our space look inviting and cosy. Custom-size rugs elevate the ambience of your living space making it look grand and aesthetic.

What are Custom Size Area Rugs?

Let’s get to know the beauty of custom size area rugs a little more. Carpets can enhance the look of any area from barely basic to majestic. Imposing designs, mesmerising geometry, and awe-inspiring patterns are enough to add a touch of luxury to your space. Your home reflects your unique style and exuberance, thus machine-made rugs are not meant for you. But can you always use a standard-size carpet to define your spaces? No. You don’t get the freedom to create a nook with a regular-sized carpet nor can you bring in the lavishness to your living space with a standard-size carpet. However, custom size rugs allow you the freedom to do up your space just the way you want. 

Bespoke carpet by Carpet Couture opens the door to custom size area rugs so that you can pick up a luxury carpet of your choice and it is tailor-made just for you. Whether you are doing the interiors of a new house or revamping your space our Bespoke carpets gives you the liberty to add vivaciousness to define your space. Our custom size area rugs are designed to perfection to fit seamlessly into your space.

From selecting patterns to choosing the size, from picking materials and weaving to selecting the colours, we give you the freedom to make the carpet of your dreams with our team of professionals. And sometimes we even get surprised by our client’s creativity. If you have visualised it in your mind we bring the custom rugs to life.

Carpet Couture offers you a plethora of handmade carpet designs. Select surreal play of tones, unconventional shapes, hand-knotted antique-looking carpets or contemporary futuristic designs to suit your taste and personality. Each of our customised carpets is unique and handmade by skilled artisans from Bhadohi in Uttar Pradesh.  

How To Choose Custom Rugs?

Our Bespoke carpets are tailor-made for your space, thus you can choose every detail of the carpet. Customised carpets are the best ways to add your personality to your space. Here are some parameters to keep in mind while choosing custom size area rugs.

#1 Size of the Carpet

While you are choosing a custom size rug, you must take into consideration the size of your space and where you are putting the rug at. If you are creating a cosy reading nook, select the space and measure the area. If you want to step on a luxuriously soft carpet first thing in the morning, measure the area next to your bed. If you want your living room to look lavish and majestic, make a customised carpet according to the floor space you want to cover. 

#2 Material of the Carpet

The quality of handmade carpets depends on the material and its density. The denser the carpet the more luxurious it looks and feels. From wool to silk, you can choose any material for your own comfort and style. If your style is eco-friendly you can even choose carpet materials such as recycled cotton that can be hand weaved to make a sustainable carpet.

#3 Design of your Handmade Carpet

You are the master of your own design when it comes to custom carpets. Different areas in the house call for different designs and colours. Antique Persian designs, geometrical patterns or dramatic modern designs, choose what defines your personality and taste for your handmade carpet.

#4 Play with shapes, colours and texture

Carpet Couture gives you full freedom to play with shapes, colours and textures for your custom carpet because your carpet can be unique like you. Irregular shapes, woolly shaggy carpets, silk carpets or classic carpets we have something for every taste.


Our custom size area rugs are not mass-produced; they are handmade by skilled artisans in India. From dyeing carpets to your chosen colours to hand-knotting the carpets, we can customise everything. Our team of experts takes care of production to the last detail so that we deliver only the finest handmade carpets to fit your space effortlessly. We deliver and install your custom area rugs only after they have gone through our rigorous quality checks. 

Bring your unique taste in carpets alive with us. Visit the Carpet Couture website or visit our stores in Delhi and Kolkata. Trust Carpet Couture for the customised carpets of your dreams. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):  

Do custom rugs take more time to build?

Custom size rugs are not factory-made or machine-made. They are carefully handcrafted and hand knotted by skilled artisans of India. These area rugs are tailor-made to fit your space seamlessly, thus it takes a bit longer time to design and produce custom size area rugs.

Do custom rugs provide a better look to the space?

Custom size area rugs can elevate the look and aesthetics of any space in no time. They are made of different kinds of materials and weaves which fit your space perfectly. Define your space and add glam to your home décor with custom size rugs.

Are custom rugs expensive?

Some custom rugs can be expensive because they are handmade and need human expertise. The custom rugs are not machine-made or factory produced. The hand-knotted custom size rugs are totally handcrafted individually by skilled artisans on looms making them expensive.