Area Rugs That Go With Vintage Style Décor

Area Rugs That Go With Vintage Style Décor

Adding a modern touch to our lifestyle is great and probably necessary, but there’s a different charm in blending vintage looks with the style of today. Times are changing and everything around us is evolving. It is important to be a part of that change because there’s no other way to grow. Exploring new designs and techniques across industries shows the great passion of the human race. This doesn’t mean that we wipe off history completely. We have developed because of the skill, innovation and persistence of our ancestors, and it is only fair for the past to be sewn into the present if we want to build a stronger tomorrow. 

The hand-woven carpets at Carpet Couture hail from the Indian artisans that have been weaving carpets for over five centuries. These antique carpets were loved by the great kings of the time and slowly travelled to the rest of the world. The traditional designs are still widely used and displayed in royal homes across the globe. They are made from natural fiber of the highest quality and natural dyes as well, making them the first choice for those who recognize the value of sustainable living. The hand-woven vintage carpets are more durable than any carpet made today with the help of technology. The beauty of vintage carpets is in its natural dyes that make the colours so rich. Synthetic dyes can only hope to match the richness of a natural dye. 

Vintage Indian carpets are widely appreciated and are still in use in many countries because of the legends and stories that come with it. Of course, the legends and myths may or may not be true but there’s a fascinating story for the younger generations. It will unlock secrets of where the carpet was made, what was the process, how long did it take, where did it travel and many more. If you’re lucky, you may even find a hidden symbol woven somewhere in the carpet. Some carpets have entire stories of villages woven in pictography. It will have scenes from a different era elegantly unfolding a tale. 

Carpet Couture brings you rugs that will suit royal home décor. Earlier, carpets sizes were a statement in society. The halls and corridors of palaces were unending and would be adorned with a traditional carpet with ethnic, floral or caravan designs. Today, the taste of the style remains the same even though we have different sizes to suit your living rooms, bedrooms, coffee tables, kitchens and patios. 

If you appreciate art and have styled your home with a blend of traditional and modern décor, the vintage styled rugs by Carpet Couture will be a perfect addition to your home. With unusual designs from the 16th century to the 20th century, these hand-woven and marvelously preserved carpets are sure to be a part of your home for a long time. They represent our culture and tradition, the dedication of the Indian artisans and the magnificent history of our nation.