Define Your Space with Custom Handmade Carpets by Carpet Couture

Define Your Space with Custom Handmade Carpets by Carpet Couture

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Households across the globe opt for wooden flooring instead of tiles. It may be because it takes you back to your childhood home, it’s a timeless style, it’s easy to maintain or because you have a variety of floorboards to choose from when you decide to renovate. However, hardwood floors are expensive. So, even if it’s pretty and easy to maintain, you don’t want to risk any kind of damage. Hardwood floors may be pretty, but Carpet Couture’s carpets are even prettier! 

A woollen rug or a carpet is definitely worthwhile on hardwood floors. Firstly, wooden floors may be easy to maintain but at the end of the day it’s wood and will not do too well with water, moisture and humidity, however great the quality seems to be. There will be all sorts of discomforts like termites and weakness which will lead to creaking sounds and eventually an added expense of renovation. A woollen rug will protect the floors since it’s moisture resistant and easy to clean any liquid spills. 

Wooden floors will start to fade in colour with sunlight. If where you’re living has harsh heat, the hardwood floors will start to fade and look old over time. Of course, you can varnish it to make it look new again but that takes time and effort. Also, the smell of the varnish will take a while to go away and it might even need some time to dry completely. It’s easier to cover it with an elegant woollen carpet so that the floors are protected. The carpet won’t fade since it’s made from recycled PET plastic and will absorb the heat without causing any damage to the fibre. Wooden floors will get heated soon if there’s direct sunlight and it will, in turn, heat up the entire room. This will be uncomfortable for the person living there especially if it’s the bedroom where you want the temperature to be cool. 

Also, hardwood floors are strong but when women wear heels and walk all over the house on a daily basis, there’s a chance it’s going to chip off slowly over a period of time. Carpet Couture carpets are of the highest quality and extremely durable. So, there can be people and parties on a daily basis, and it will still look as good as new. Carpets also cancel out the noise caused because of footsteps in the house. When you keep walking on a hardwood floor, the footsteps can be a constant disturbance to the rest of the people living there. A rug will also help avoid any accidents since hardwood floors are slippery. 

A good quality rug on a hardwood floor will give you years of enjoyment. The flooring is an expensive investment, so you don’t want to come to any compromise when it comes to protecting it. Our carpets are easy to maintain, sustainable, long lasting and extremely pleasing to look at. It only makes sense to adorn your home with a classy carpet that will safeguard and add to the splendour of your living space.